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On-line help


Start EyeDropper at Windows startup: EyeDropper console appears immediately after Windows boot-sequence is finished.


Launch EyeDropper on startup: Enables choice between two options:


Launch EyeDropper in Task manager AND EyeDropper console

Launch EyeDropper in Task Manager only (standby mode)

Show hex values: Shows RGB values in hexadecimal mode instead of decimal mode.


Show RGB: Shows RGB values.


Show CMYK with factor k: Shows CMYK values. It alllows to display percents in CMYK mode and to change the K value by using slider. Move slider to left to decrease value, right to increase.


Show coordinates: Shows screen coordinates of current console position.


Exit EyeDropper: Right-click on the EyeDropper icon in the system tray and choose Exit option.



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