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Even the best things can be free! announces the third release of its award-winning tool: EyeDropper


Eyedropper, an extremely useful freeware program has become even better! Praised by the Web designer community and DTP experts, and critically acclaimed by many shareware/freeware hosts, including 4 cows @Tucows Network), EyeDropper excels at its primary task: picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen.


Inetia has continually improved EyeDropper with many other small, but useful features. These features include: Measuring the distance between chosen pixels, zoom setting for improved precision, displaying values in most common formats (HEX, RGB, CMYK), displaying pixel coordinates and clipboard support. For our third release of EyeDropper, we have added a  significant component, which can help you capturing any area of the screen,  displaying color values as normal, grayscale or even a Web safe setting and,  to top it off, the whole program is more compact than ever! EyeDropper release 3 is still freeware, and can be obtained from our download site.


If you don't have EyeDropper, you don't know what you're missing! is internet department of Nova Vizija d.o.o., which is a software company, based in Slovenia. Established in 1989, it became leading company in area of medical informatics, internet and bussiness software solutions. The company HQ is located in ┼Żalec, Slovenia.

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